Starting with acting school at age 3 and his first professional acting job at age 5 with a local Southern California TV ad for “White Front Department Stores” (sounds like a racist shopping center!), Steven has dabbled in the acting game off and on for five decades. 

A Disney educational film, an industrial with then unknown (and extremely awkward) Conan O’Brien (recently aired on Conan 2014), and a bit part as a stand-up comedian in Larry Cohen’s second sequel to the “It’s Alive” series, led nowhere, so Steven put acting on the back-burner. A play here and there in New York, but no big waves. But, it was in the UK, where Steven found his acting niche as “the obnoxious American”. 

Archie Black: The Worst is a 2015 mockumentary about the world’s worst comedian and human being. Written and directed by Saturday Night Live staff writer Dave Sirus, Archie Black documents the best and most well-known stand-up comedians of the day talking shit about Archie. Steven played Archie. Steven personally emphasizes “plays” Archie.

Hail, Caesar! Is a 2016 Coen Brothers film starring George Clooney.  Steven can be seen (for 60 seconds) in the penultimate scene, when George Clooney's character (a Roman soldier) looks up to the blonde Christ figure on the cross, Steven can be seen very clearly, as an Israelite, "standing on his left shoulder" as he makes his big speech. Steven publicly apologizes to George. Photo-bombing George Clooney. In a movie


Steven has done everything from starring in short films by some of the best up and coming directors in England, to hosting The Paramount Comedy’s, “South Park Weekend” as a crazed American televangelist; as well as co-starring in the never released pilot, “May Contain Nuts,” as the gay husband and producer to Ab-Fab’s Helen Lederer. Most recently, Steven’s TV commercial for Motorpoint was rebroadcast throughout the UK. And, Steven, was repaid. Nice!

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