Well, the first session of Guest Therapist with Leslie Barton was a huge liked success.  And, to think, I produced it whilst having another daily mental breakdown.  I'm amazomatic!  And, so. We did a second episode.  This time with guest therapist Dr. Brian King.  Now, the good doctor isn't really a doctor.  Then again, I'm not really a fake patient.  (I'll give you a minute...)  So....

Session Two with Guest Therapist Dr. Brian King was recorded last week and is now presented to you in its entirety of manic insanity.  Actually, the "Doc" was actually very helpful.  Not the funniest of episodes because he took the subject seriously.  Having said that, Dr. Brian King is always funny, informative and refreshing.  So, there.  

Session Three with Guest Therapist Dave Sirus was recorded after that and currently in the process of editing and production.  I've had the flu really bad for a couple of weeks, which has made it almost impossible to concentrate.  My apologies to the fans of the show and guests. 

Oh, one more thing.  If you like the show, please donate.  The donate through Stripe is being set up in the next week and the show is currently being cleared for iTunes.  In the mean time, the only way to get any cash for this effort is through PayPal.  I know a lot of you guys don't like PayPal for some reason.  I have been using it for years and find it the most straight forward simple way to transfer money.  In any case, that's all we have right now.  Thanks for your support. 

Steven Alan Green

Guest Therapist Podcast

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