Producing & Directing

Little Things


“Little Things” was produced by Roopesh Parek and written, directed and financed by myself. Five 18-hour days of directing this film was so much fun, I still can’t get over it and we shot it way back in 2007. Growing from a simple joke (a bomb disposal man with OCD), “Little Things” turned into a crazy comedy romp, featuring zombies, gangsters, bombs and a little innocent kitty cat. The film stars a great physical stand-up comedian, Addy Van Der Borg. With strong support from comedians Steve Jameson, Andy Linden, lovely American living in London actress Siri Steimo and the great and legendary British “Eastenders” actress Anna Wing. It was a labor of love and I will forever hate the sound edit on this film. But, what can you do. It was my first “professional” film. Enjoy!


High On Laughter


“High On Laughter” is a live stand-up comedy show created for a drug and alcohol charity launched by Princess Diana: Turning Point Scotland. The first HOL was produced at the 900-seat Queen’s Hall during the 2,000 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We had great British and American stand-ups and comedy actors, including George Wendt (“Norm” from Cheers, who came and did improv with Off The Wall), The Hangover’s Zach Galifiniakis (well before anyone heard of him), Neil Mullarkey (formerly Mike Myer’s comedy partner- Mullarkey and Myers!), Rick Right, Earl Okin, Shelagh Martin, Huw Thomas, the list goes on. The following year, 2001, we moved it to the biggest theatre in Edinburgh, the 3,300-seat Edinburgh Playhouse and featured Emo Philips, Mark Thomas, Johnny Vegas, Mike Dugan, Rick Overton and many more. 

Banking off of two years success, we brought High On Laughter III down to London and one of the most hallowed performing grounds in human entertainment history. The London Palladium. Where The Beatles played for The Queen. Where Laurel annoyed Hardy, where Abbott fought with Costello and where, I, Steven Alan Green, would get known for being the man who battled it out and nearly killed (although accidentally) his childhood hero and best new friend, Jerry Lewis. 

The show at the London Palladium was a stellar one and featured such diverse international talents as Rick Overton, Paul Provenza, Jim Gaffigan, Max Alexander, Earl Okin, Boothy Graffoe, Shelagh Martin, Bobcat Goldthwait, Tony V, Zach Galifiniakis and of course, Jerry Lewis, who never actually made it to the stage itself. Jerry was too busy causing crazy Jerry Lewis-type havoc backstage and then when it was time for his appearance, he “collapsed” just as he was about to go on and accept an award from me. Jerry never went to the hospital and instead flew back home to America the very next day, without so much as a, “Fuck you very much!” The backstage drama leading to Jerry’s scene-stealing moment is and remains legendary. 

I talk extensively about it in my one-man show, “I Eat People Like You for Breakfast!”, my blog on occasion and perhaps in a film one day. High On Laughter III was filmed for broadcast and a small amount of minutes were broadcast on Bravo UK. The rest remains hiding in a vault in Hollywood, hoping one day for exposure.

The infamous “Palladium announcement” when I had to go out on stage and announce that Jerry Lewis was taken ill and to hospital. Made international news!