"C You Next Tuesday" is British code for for a 4-letter word beginning in "C", ending in "T" and referring to a very difficult person. In my new one-man show, I explore what it means to be forthright and interesting; and part of it is sometimes being a C You Next Tuesday. My show is jam-packed with funny and outrageous stories (everything from being an Uber driver to a shortened version of my infamous Jerry Lewis story) and ultimately explores the moral question: Why be nice? PLUS: Live original music and a screening of my 17 min short film "Little Things". A lovely and fun evening for one and all. 
Hope to see you next Tuesday! 
Or more precisely, SUNDAY EVENING Feb 12 @8pm. 
Bring your significant other for a special Valentine's Day extra charge.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/731589010330926/