• Timewarp Records (map)
  • 12204 Venice Boulevard
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90066
  • United States

Great stories by great story-tellers about their experiences in the taxi and delivery app/gig economy.   

Producer/comedian Roland Bondoc creates one of a kind curated themed story-telling events.  I'll let him tell you in his own words.  I'm on the show and honored to do so.  As a former Uber driver and current Uber passenger; oh, I got stories!  See you on the 24th if you can.  Gig is at Timewarp Records in Culver City, LA.  Nice relaxing venue.  Plenty of parking!

Roland's words:

Comedians-Booking For App Job Show

After finishing writing my Play, I returned to comedy to notice a lot of Uber jokes. I thought what was this Uber & why was everybody talking about it. I thought it was kind of hacky at the time. So fastforward to today after being forced to do "Door Dash" & then eventually getting fired from Uber myself, I present to you "Driven", A show about those App jobs. Inspired by Steve A. Henry,'s Uber Tales, I always wanted to ask him to do a show around this since I saw him first to do this on his FB. I would have to shelve the idea since I had other projects. But then Steven Alan Green wanted to do this type of show & now is the time. So Comedians I already have a roster building, so if you have an exciting story, jokes around this & are available May 24th, 2018 a Thursday. Let me know, I cannot take everybody but I need to see who's out there waiting for their Lyft, Uber story, Post Mates, Dog walker, Car Wash app, Weed Deliver App story to be told...

Roland Bondoc