About what?

When people ask me what I do, I often reply with: “About what?” Wisecracking aside, I actually mean it.  I’m a strong believer in transferable skills.  If someone is a good improviser, they’re a good writer.  If someone is a good actor, they might know a little about directing.  My basic answer is: “I’m a comedian, a writer, and sometimes an actor.”  That seems to be the pattern.  My story is very different and there’s a lot of misconceptions about me on the web. 

Tried to Grow Up in the Business

Growing up in a theatrical and musical household, both me and siblings were brought up in an environment that screamed showbiz and creativity.  My father was a successful inventor, businessman and entrepreneur.  Harold Green was head of advertising for Calvert, a liquor brand which later became Seagrams.   My father grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with Mel Kaminsky as his down the hall neighbor.  Kaminsky became Brooks and that’s how I met the great comedy director through my dad. My dad knew comedian Alan King and wrote comedy for Xavier Cugat, and was close with Lee Solters, publicist of Hollywood legend who handled Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand and Micheal Jackson.  My mother was a wonderful person and incredible talent.  At the ripe young age of 17 Gloria Reshin was offered a studio contract by Warner Brothers.  Her mother turned it down and both my parents - classic frustrated showbizers - became the ultimate showbiz parents.  When I was a kid I used to play with Marvin Marx’s kids because my parents were friends with their parents.  Marx was head writer on The Honeymooners.  I went to school at Beverly Vista in Beverly Hills in the 1960’s and virtually every kid had parents in the business and some were actual child stars themselves.  I grew up on the streets of 1960’s Beverly Hills, where you’d routinely see Groucho Marx, Lucille Ball, Danny Thomas, Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney, walking into stores like regular people.

Of ALL showbiz trades

I’ve done a little bit of everything and a lot of stand-up and writing in particular.  When I lived in England, I acted on television, most notably hosting the Paramount Comedy Channel’s South Park Weekend.   My most famous thing of course is the show at the London Palladium.  15 British and American comedians and a one Jerry Lewis, comedy icon.  I created “High On Laughter” and got a portion broadcast on British television.  I also wrote and directed a high budget short comedy zombie film in London.  I’ve performed stand-up all across North America, the UK and Western Europe.  I’ve done lots of stuff, but, in spite of what some people think, I’m not famous.  I’ve had my public meltdowns, most notably my famous breakdown in 2009 when I lost everything and found myself in situation that forced me to reconcile myself and inspired me to found The Laughter Foundation

"I'm a writer, you animal!" - Barton Fink

These days I pay the rent by writing.  I’m a ghost writer for authors, screenwriters and help my clients by carefully sifting out the story from them and then collaborating until we have something we can both be proud of.  I really enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to writing.  Please check out my writing page

Sometimes an actor

Last year I had a nice part in a post-Viet Nam PTSD film called “Railway Spine”.  I played a gangster/art dealer.  I got to yell and shoot a gun and it was all fun.  I also had fun playing a Nazi who fought Wonder Woman in the Hollywood Fringe show “Vintage Box”. 

Voice Overs

I’ve done voices for Garmin Navigation, Warner Brothers films, the BBC, Gallo Wine and Comedy Central UK.   I specialize in national film trailers and commercial tag lines, but also do character and accents and am working on developing an animated TV series here in Hollywood.   Please contact me and I'll put you in touch with my agent. 

Enjoy the Veal

For the past 7 years, I’ve been writing reviews of comedians and plays and movies for The Jewish Journal online.  It’s also a bit of a personal inner and outer travelogue. 

Still standing-up

These days I’m doing some local comedy gigs and story-telling shows and working on production of two films.  One, the true story of how an unknown comedian brings his childhood hero to be honored at The London Palladium. When that childhood hero nearly dies on stage, the comedian is forced to reconcile his relationship with his dead father.  The other is a film set in 1977 London and is about an historical event that nobody remembers.  It was the literal secession of a group of artists and writers who formed their own country in the middle of London.  I’m working with award winning screenwriter Rob Kerr and we have Lol Tulhurst (founder of The Cure) as musical supervisor.    

I perform at the Roast Battle at The Comedy Store (2 and 4) and am always running or starting up a comedy night somewhere. Plus, I've done nude comedy a few times.  Yup.  Buck naked.  It's fun.  It's unusual.  

Bottom line

I'm an entertainer in whatever form that comes.  As a writer, I love words.  Even more than people sometimes. Words have meaning, whereas people are in search of meaning.  When it comes to writing, and life for that matter, I believe context is everything and I am a true Wittensteinian in that I know that language dictates thought, rather than the other way around as assumed.  I'm a man who gets things done and yet, occasionally -- especially in my past when I was young -- I will inadvertently piss someone off.  Showbiz is a very political business where you have to learn things as you go and, aside from common sense, it's often very difficult to know when you're stepping on someone's toes or shining their shoes.   Don't get me wrong; I'm not afraid in the least to stand up for my beliefs and my projects. It's just that these days, I tend to choose my battles much more carefully.

Facebook Sideshow

If you already know of me, you probably know my multiple daily Facebook posts.  Most are funny, some are heartfelt, and sometimes downright dark and worrisome.  People who have been following me know I'm coming out of a real long-terms psychological and financial struggle. I've famously gone from having famous and money to being couch-surfing homeless.  These last six months,  I'm doing much better thank you and I owe a lot of people my thanks for helping to get me through to this point.   I believe each day is a new life.  I've got writing contracts and comedy gigs and I just got my own apartment in Hollywood again. I really want to travel the country and do comedy gigs and my famed one-man show about my story and how it intersected with the great Jerry Lewis.  God rest his comedy soul. 

The Worst

Probably the weirdest job I've ever had was "acting" in a mockumentary about "the world's worst comedian and human being"; written and directed by SNL and Triumph the Insult Dog writer Dave Sirus.  In "Archie Black: The Worst", I played the fictional bad comedian and horrible human being Archie Black.  All these top comedians like Pete Davidson from SNL are talking what a scumbag Archie is.  How he steals their comedy material, sleeps with their girlfriends while doing their coke.  When I asked Dave one time on my radio show how he came to choose me, Dave famously said: "When I thought about it, why look for an actor to play the world's worst comedian when I can easily find the actual world's worst comedian."  Thanks Dave.  I love you. 

Call me; let's do something

I'm open to talking with anyone and believe the best things in life are dreams and kindness.  I make it my pledge to God to be grateful every single day and to forgive people.  Because, after all, they're only human.  Whereas I am a robot. 

Contact me through this site.  I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks again for visiting my site. 


Steven Alan Green