August started off pretty tough.

I had to move from the apartment off Ventura Boulevard, where I had been living for the last 4 months because a writing job abruptly ended (nothing to do with me) and the client owned the building. Then, immediately after, my plans to go to Phoenix, stay with a friend, check out the local comedy scene, fell through without warning.  For about 3 weeks, I've been couch-surfing and now temporarily reside (that is to say sleep and bathe) at a Korean spa in K-town. It's actually quite cool.  Well, the concept is and the atmosphere is just a veritable escape box from the maddening crazy world of Hollywood and living in Los Angeles. There are all kinds of saunas and pools, including a "cold sauna" believe it or not.  Most relaxing.  And there's a little bit of roof-deck area where everyone comes to dry out under the scorching noonday sun.  I sleep in a big airless room set up to look somewhere between a Buddhist temple and a yoga studio.  With the exception of the sleeping room, the Korean restaurant, the gym, and the internet room, I can pretty much walk around buck naked all day long, which is something I have recently taken to.  Doing the Nude Comedy Show in July was an eye-opener.    Then again, I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist.  (Okay, don't throw-up.)  Staying at a spa is a good interim solution.  I don't have my own kitchen and I've got to keep all my belongings in my car, but for now, it works just fine.  I'm not on the street. 

I Write to Eat

I am very proud of myself for actually making a living for the past several months strictly as a writer.  Individuals and companies pay me to write blogs, write their websites and SEO their website, so that it comes up at the top of Google search.  In addition, I secured 6 writing contracts, including writing a one-man show for someone, a website for another, and a book and a TV script pilot for another.  My account receivables are healthy.  As long as I write and they pay, I'm good.  And, it's work I just love to do.  It's funny.  LA is a town where everyone works on their own thing.  Everyone's got a screenplay under their arm.  Every actor is trying to get ahead. Every comic wants that prime-time sweet spot stage-time at The Comedy Store. Guess what, me too.   But what gives me the most buzz is writing.  Always has.  Email me if you're interested in having someone help you write that book or script you've been keeping in the back of your mind all these years.  Check out my writers page on this website which explains my process.

The Passing of Jerry Lewis

This is something I have dreaded for the past several years.  The death of my former friend and erstwhile employee the one and only Jerry Lewis.  Just about everyone knows the tale by now and one of my dreams was to have the film made and Jerry sitting in the royal box being acknowledged by the roaring crowd, just as he first explained to me on his yacht so long ago.

The first story Jerry ever told me was when he was in attendance of the premier of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial in 1983 at The Cannes International Film Festival.  The epic film had just ended and the massive crowd in attendance gave Steven Spielberg a throbbing standing-ovation, which just would not end, so Steven had to redirect the audience's mass accolade towards the royal box where Jerry sat and stood up and graciously accepted the enthusiastic approval of his presence. What Jerry told me was that Spielberg was directly thanking Jerry Lewis for the inspiration to make films like E.T. You know what?  I buy it.

Serendipitous Means

Since Jerry's passing there is sudden new interest in the film-script I co-wrote with Julian Krainin.  And just this week proved to me the bizarre magic that plagued my life a few years ago, is happening again.  The two main characters of the screenplay are "Steven" (based on me) and "Jerry" (actually Jerry).    One great comedian and movie star and one great film actor connected with me in the last few days and both are interested and intrigued about this film. The key now is to find the right director.   As a writer of this potential film, it could be a big payday for me and we all know how important that day will be.  Equally important, I want this story to be told.  It's really quite an extraordinary thing and the screenplay is not only funny; it's deep and meaningful.  

Heading Back to the UK

I want to introduce you to my new European manager.  Joshua Wildenberg is based in Holland and is representing me for Europe and the whole of the UK.  I'm very "chuffed" as they say and just last night, I got word that I'll be returning to England for the first time in 8 years.  I'll be performing comedy and hosting The Leciester Comedy Festival in February 2018.  I'm very much looking forward to this and can't wait to the long overdue catch up with me mates back in ole Blighty. I do have tales to tell...

In the Mean Time

In the mean time, I'm doing stand-up at The Van Nuys Comedy Club this Sunday.  I like that room.  Thank you again, Billy Batts.  I'll be hanging around a bit then probably back up to San Francisco for a short stay.  Not sure yet.  So much up in the air.  Up in the air....  I should call Clooney and see if he'll help get the film made.  He might remember from the Coen Brothers "Hail Caesar!".  I was an extra and we met passing each other in the bathroom.  He was dressed like a Roman and had a red cape.  I told him he looked like Superman.  He replied: "I get that all the time..."

My crazy life continues.  

Come see me this Sunday, Sept 3 at The Van Nuys Comedy Club, 8pm show.  Me and a bunch of other very funny comedians.  No cover, good food and drink. 

Thanks for reading me.  

And, God Bless Jerry Lewis.  I miss you, my crazy friend. 

Read my obit of Jerry for The Jewish Journal.


Steven Alan Green

PS: A little something I recently created.  Enjoy!