These are my videos.  Stand-up, acting, film-making...

I like to try my hand at all artistic disciplines when it comes to comedy.  I've always believed in cross-over talents.  My improv skills help in writing. My directing skills comes from writing and acting.  You get the idea.  

My stand-up style has evolved.  What you see below is nothing what I'm really like now.  These days, I adapt to the particular venue and crowd, but it's much more a hybrid of the stand-up show 3rd video down and my story-telling, the 5th video down.  Good videos are hard to get, especially since I am not doing that many shows at film-worthy venues at present; opting to concentrate on writing instead.  However, I do believe there is a quality there in all the videos.  I'll be updating this page when I get new relevant videos.  Beware the language in some of the videos is of an adult nature and some of it is extremely politically incorrect, especially taking anything out of context of the time and place when it was created and performed. 

High On Laughter was a very big deal for me.  It was a big deal to create and produce such a show, and then to have to deal with the international press which followed the antics of Jerry Lewis. Nevertheless, it was for a great cause and we raised decent money for the cause and got American comedians on British television for the first time for them. 

Little Things was my pride and joy and the last major creative exercise I did in England, before I left to come back to America a few years ago.  A pretty good short film, I fink.  And, I got to direct, Eastenders legend, the late Anna Wing.  Ahh bless....  I am working on a feature film to hopefully be produced in London next year and directed by yours truly.  Can't say much more about it than that. 

Comedy in all forms is a learning curve, even for me, and I hope to continue to learn and get better with all my days. Please enjoy all my work with the love for which they were all built.  It is my honor to entertain you. 





This is my demo reel from all the work I did in England.  It includes my hosting The Paramount Comedy Channel's South Park Weekend, where they had me playing a crazy mad American televangelist.  Plus my stand-up in Manchester and The London Palladium.  Enjoy!

National TV commercial I did in Yorkshire, England 2007.   The casting was for "an obnoxious American".  I came highly recommended. 

One of my many return engagements to the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club in Manchester, England. This is another one of my "farewell performances," where every show is my last. (I performed over 5,000 farewell performances in 16 years!)  Much of the language is for mature audiences.

Here I am performing at the recent Mother's Day Show at the lovely Ice House in Pasadena, California. (warning: slightly adult language)

My infamous one-man show about my adventures in comedy and in London, producing a big live TV show with my special guest, the one and only Jerry Lewis. (warning: adult language)

High On Laughter III

This is the big show I produced at The London Palladium September 8, 2002 for Turning Point Scotland, a drug and alcohol charity launched by Princess Diana.  HOL III featured the very best and most interesting British and American comedians, including the British stage debut of Zach Galifiniakis and Jim Gaffigan, both huge comedy stars now.  This was the show Jerry Lewis was booked on; that became a whole other story.  About 15 minutes of the 3 hour show was sold to Sir Bob Geldof's production company Planet 21 and broadcast on John Thompson Stands Up for Comedy on Bravo UK.  I did all that.  Yeah!

High On Laughter One

This was the first High On Laughter, which took place at The Queen's Hall at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2,000.  Good video if you want to get a taste of the festival in general.

Little Things

My first major short film.  A big deal for me.  I had a great cast and crew and was very lucky indeed.

In this strange dark comedy, Jack Watson is traumatized for life by an embarrassing childhood incident. That incident involved his lifelong love, Emily, whose life is literally saved by the very same incident years later. Filmed on Beta SP in London, England with an all British cast, Little Things is the film writing and directorial debut of comedian Steven Alan Green.  Starring Addy Van Der Borgh, Siri Steimo, Steve Jameson, and Anna Wing.  Produced by Roopesh Parekh and Pandelic Films. DP Mike Muschamp. Music: Stephen Coates.

This is a wonderful little documentary of the cast, crew and I making my big budget psychological zombie gangster short film "Little Things" in London 2007. Much of the footage was shot in and around my old flat in Notting Hill, London. (Oh, how I miss that place...)
Steven Alan Green wows them once again with his stupidly non-intellectual audience participatory comedy number, "The Fuck You Song". Sing it, hum it, pass it on....
When the National Association of Music Merchants needed quality talent, they turned to a 14 year-old girl named Conan O'Brien. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS &

This was a film I acted in last year, 2016. A post-Viet Nam tale of 3 boys who grew up together, go to Nam and then have to deal with PTSD and the so-called real world. Great directorial job by Sam Gonzalez Jr.  I'm fatter and hairier than I thought, but I'm also creepier than I thought.  Great working with those guys and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Go Sam!

Archie Black is the legendary worst comedian of all time. Filmmaker Dave Sirus (comedian and writer SNL, Triumph the Insult Dog) interviews some of the world's greatest comedians about their run-ins with Archie in this mockumentary exploring the dark side of comedy.  I played Archie, the title character.  I'm not in this clip, but you can hear great famous comedians saying horrible things about my character.  As if it was actually me.