Life is All How You Look at It

Life is All How You Look at It

There's a famous scene at the end of Bryan Singer's 1995 masterpiece The Usual Suspects which always resonates with me beyond being in the cinema. It's that famous switcheroo scene; the denouement where Dan Hedaya's Jeff Rabin tells Chazz Palminteri's Dave Kujan that everything makes sense if you just look at it the right way.  Kuyjan sits back, sips his coffee, unconsciously looking at his wall puzzle board dedicated to Kevin Spacey's suspicious criminal character Kaiser Soze.  Then he drops his coffee cup.  He's realized that his key witness, Spacey's double role of Verbal Kent, who he just had by the big toe in for questioning relating to a string of small crime, is actually the mastermind of a criminal cartel, Soze himself, who he just let go.

It's a wonderful moment.  What makes The Usual Suspects such a great film is that it directly plays on the very concept of perception of reality itself. And, for someone whose been on a spiritual and artistic journey for the last 10 years, all this strikes very home for your humble writer.  All this time I thought I was a stand-up comedian.  I thought I was an actor.  I thought I was a voice-over guy.  I thought I was a writer.  Well, right on all counts, but more to the point: What have I done lately?  I have always considered myself a journeyman of sorts. A man in search of himself through the day to day non-glamorous trudge of everyday dog's body work.  I've attempted to master many disciplines.  My credits are all over the shop.   And, that's the problem.  I haven't focused properly.  I've been a comedian kid in a big candy shop, trying everything and now my tummy has wreaked its revenge.  

I'm still doing stand-up here and there. I'm still doing voice-over gigs and I'm writing for others and myself and acting when the occasional interesting role comes along.  However; all that pales in comparison to the one vision I have had in my very blessed and diverse creative career.  That of being a film director.  In 2007 I had the incredible honor of writing and directing a short film.  "Little Things" is a psychological zombie comedy set in modern day London, England and featured 25 actors and 25 crew.  I had the greatest time, and unlike everyone of the 10,000 plus comedy gigs I've done over the last three decades, film is forever.  

And, while some of my screenplays and scripts are being read around town, I have decided today, as a matter of fact, to write the full feature film version of Little Things, and if I can get lucky and secure financing, I will direct.  Can't discuss any creative details just yet.  Not casting or location.  But, trust me, I'm on it.  Don't know if it will happen, but why not try?  



Thanks for listening.

Your friend and mine,

Steven Alan Green


Behind the Scenes of Little Things - Making of documentary 

Little Things Trailer

Little Things full film (17 min + 2 min closing credits/music)